Dallmeier CAT now integrates with RFID technology

22 May 2019
Dallmeier CAT now integrates with RFID technology

The table gaming management solutions from the Dallmeier “Casino Automation Technology” (CAT) suite enable casino operators to automate numerous gaming functions, better protect tables against fraud and offer entirely new analysis options for measuring the performance of gaming tables, player rating and much more.

CAT uses existing or newly installed video technology (CCTV) and combines it with Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques. The system is now also capable of integrating existing, valuable RFID data.

CAT enables a highly increased game pace since many manual and often redundant dealer tasks become obsolete. It also enables a high-accuracy player rating that rewards loyal customers and prevents costly overrating and abuse from “comp hustlers”. The system recognizes chips and cards, provides real-time information about bet position and bet value, game pace and float value, to name just a few.

Further information is available at the Dallmeier booth.