Lighting up the gaming floor

22 May 2019

Aruze Gaming’s Muso Triple-27 and Muso Curve-43 have been gaining plenty of attention at G2E Asia this week.

The award-winning Muso Triple-27 is a unique video slot cabinet that creates a stunning light display, with its LED backlighting giving a 360-degree presence on the casino floor. LED lighting continues behind the monitors and the edges along the three stacked 27-inch monitors.

Thoughtful design is also evident along the Muso’s large glass-table button deck with a 13.3-inch LCD touchscreen interface, keeping player comfort in mind. Industry-leading innovations extend on the Muso Curve-43, a vertical presentation video slot with a 43-inch J-style curved LCD monitor.

Muso Curve-43 and Triple-27 both utilize a first in the industry Qi wireless phone charger.