Bird’s eye view

22 May 2019

Classical video security technology (CCTV) still plays a major role in casinos: Large areas need to be monitored to protect guests, players, staff and a casino’s inventory. With the Panomera W8 360°, the new 360°-model of Dallmeier’s patented Panomera cameras, casino surveillance operators can cover much larger areas with the same number of operators.

In addition, the automatic transfer from camera to camera and the automatic selection of the camera with the best picture quality enable an unprecedented capture of even the largest spatial contexts.

The combination of a complete overview and a highest-detail  resolution is particularly impressive – even distant objects are displayed with the same resolution as objects in the front  image area. In the event incident, an unlimited number of zooms with extremely high resolution can be performed in all detail areas of the overall scene. This can be done both in live view and more importantly in the backup. Especially in complex casino environments this is a very important function for a successful forensic evaluation, which is not possible with PTZ and single-sensor cameras.

Thanks to the Panomera camera technology, significantly fewer cameras reduce infrastructure and operating costs, leading to a much lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). With the user-friendly and efficient operating concept, security goals can be achieved much better: casinos can significantly improve overall security with a high-resolution, coherent and undistorted 360°-view of the entire scene.