A real showstopper

22 May 2019

TCSJOHNHUXLEY is debuting some exciting new additions to its portfolio this week, led by the 8-player Qorex carousel unit – a product designed to be “a real showstopper on the gaming floor.”

Available for both 23” or 27” Qorex terminals and incorporating large scale 65” screens that can be seen right across the casino, the carousel units can be customized to include Asian influenced features such as ornate dragons or curved roof designs, all in a variety of colorways to match any interior.

The carousel format is extremely flexible for operators and can be built around automated devices which include the Saturn Auto Roulette wheel, or the innovative Baccarat based-game of Gameball.

In addition, players can choose from multiple games of live roulette and baccarat linked with live camera feeds from around the gaming floor, as well as RNG options.