G2E Asia launches new ArtBiz Asia segment in 2019

21 May 2019

G2E Asia is launching a new segment, ArtBiz Asia, in 2019.

ArtBiz Asia is co-organized by G2E Asia and Macao International Culture and Sports Industries Association. In line with local government’s strategy of promoting a diversified economy, ArtBiz Asia creates a platform that connects the arts and culture circle with  integrated resorts in Asia and drives opportunities between art industry professionals and Asian elites.

The first edition of ArtBiz Asia will present the ArtBiz Forum in Cotai Expo Hall on Wednesday 22 May, which will uncover the relationship and relevance of art in today’s integrated resorts through a series of content-rich sessions and panel discussions with industry professionals and regional experts. Themes for the sessions include global trends, the role of art in integrated resort development, the relationship of public art with destination travel and the ins and outs of the art business.