Isle of Man the “jurisdiction of choice”

16 May 2018

It’s Day 2 at G2E Asia and it’s been an unbelievable atmosphere so far! G2E Asia is one of the biggest events in our calendar and is a great place for us to reach out to a wide variety of businesses.

As one of the top centres for eGaming in the world, the Isle of Man is the jurisdiction of choice for companies looking to solidify their global presence alongside efficient regulation and a strong supportive industry.

We’re attending G2E Asia to showcase the island’s offerings and impressive ecosystem. The Isle of Man is a world-class destination for eGaming businesses and highlighting this in Asia is a fantastic opportunity for us.

The Isle of Man works closely with local industry to ensure a supportive and practical offering to eGaming businesses looking for a premier jurisdiction and we are able to assist you to find solutions for banking, hosting, corporate structuring and services, white labels, sub-licences, full and network licences, cryptocurrency, FX, law and tax advice.

To discuss how the Isle of Man can help your company get in touch with Tony Ure, Head of e-Gaming at the Isle of Man Department for Enterprise: [email protected]. Find out more about the Isle of Man’s eGaming sector:

– Tony Ure, Head of eGaming, Isle of Man Department for Enterprise