Safe and secure

15 May 2018

Italian casino equipment manufacturer Abbiati is showcasing its new “Tie” chips at G2E Asia this year, incorporating new levels of security into its innovative design. The chips’ added features include multiple injections, see-thru inserts and intricate and innovative rim and edge inserts to prevent counterfeiting.

Like all of Abbiati’s currency products, “Tie” also incorporates the company’s standard security technologies such as 13.56 MHz PJM RFID, 8-color UV pigments, 3-in-1 UV security feature, Laser Tracer technology, Optical Variable Ink and high security holograms.

While visiting the Abbiati stand, be sure to check out its Baccarat Asian Style table specifically designed for the Asian market. Baccarat Asian Style represents Abbiati’s high Italian quality and design as well as the company’s renowned focus on high standards of technology.

Abbiati’s research in new products and safety systems is well demonstrated by the GLI-25 certified American roulette wheel which is characterized by the upgraded Abbiati patented invisible laser technology (Class 1A). All Abbiati wheels can connect to and run winning number displays, online gaming terminals and management systems. They have an open protocol that enables them to become a perfect choice for many of the leading “live online” gaming operators.