Exploring table analytics

15 May 2018

VizExplorer has unveiled its revolutionary tableViz with ChipVue product – a unique innovation designed in partnership with ARB LABS to provide reliable bet recognition data for advanced table game performance and player rating analysis.

VizExplorer’s tableViz table and player analytics software combines with ARB LABS’ ChipVue proprietary optical technology to provide unparalleled bet and player tracking that is then converted into data that accurately measures player, table and dealer performance.

Working together, ChipVue and tableViz track every bet and side bet to assess player worth and measure player performance and profitability, then break it all down to evaluate the most profitable mix of games and side bets. The technology helps casino operators generate slot-like analytics for popular casino table games like blackjack and baccarat.

The insights provided by tableViz and ChipVue can also optimize staffing of the pit based on actual occupancy. The solution generates accurate trends in the amounts bet by a player, including side wagers, to present new possibilities for incentivizing players.