Quixant upping its Asian ante

15 May 2018

With the benefit of facilitating swift product evolution to suit the differing needs of the world’s gaming markets, Quixant will showcase their largest ever selection of debut models in Macau this year, including the QMax-2 and QXi-7000 which leverage Quixant’s Gaming Ecosystem to enable rapid deployment of multi-screen 4K games driven by the revolutionary AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 processor.

These exciting new gaming platforms will be augmented by a number of additions to Quixant’s innovative display portfolio. The highly contemporary, flexible 13.3” PlayDeck has already garnered great interest in the European and American markets and will take center stage at G2E Asia, offering bespoke interactivity opportunities not seen previously in the sector.

Additionally, an array of industry standard and bespoke monitor solutions will be on show, ranging from the 2-in-1, ultra-slim bezel concept of the QXDuo to external mount offerings that provide the opportunity for truly contemporary and flexible machine design.

“We are delighted to be introducing our latest product evolutions at G2E Asia,” said John Malin, Sales Director of Quixant UK. “The Far East is becoming one of the major markets for gaming globally, not just in Macau but beyond. It is imperative that in this time of explosive growth, we have all the solutions in place to support local manufacturers and operators alike.

“In combination with our all-encompassing Gaming Ecosystem, with its vast array of differentiating benefits, we are highly confident that we are in a position to accelerate our already impressive delivery of market-leading solutions into the Asian marketplace.”