Security number one for Matsui

18 May 2017

Matsui will be showcasing the latest additions to its Matsui Chips product line at G2E Asia 2017.

Matsui has extended its gaming currency portfolio through focused investment behind new security and newly designed molding segments. Added to the traditional security features such as Visible and Invisible UV, Matsui introduces their exclusive MG EYE security, new generation EAS gate check, Material Track and newly added Laser Trace security.

As well as those security features, newly developed casino currency products including Matsui’s innovative Pearl decal chips will be introduced.

Shigeki Machida, Managing Director of Matsui Asia, said, “We are very excited to introduce these new gaming chips as well as our other core products such as high durability heavy weight layouts to our customers at G2E Asia 2017.

“We are also excited to launch our new series of gaming chips. Of course, those new chips have the capability of accommodating RFID technologies. We can offer a few different RFID specifications depending on customer requirements.

“This will surely provide even more choice and performance for our customers.”

Matsui has also recently expanded the production capacity of its Matsui Table Layout to respond to high customer demand.