Powered by BEPS

22 May 2019

Why have many, when one does it all? With Bally Enterprise Progressive System (BEPS), one does more than all your current progressive systems combined.

This powerful solution lets you configure, manage and audit all of your progressives from one central location no matter what casino management system (CMS) you use, making it the perfect answer for replacing or consolidating your existing progressive equipment. It even supports symbol-driven and mystery-progressive links for complete control and total flexibility.

BEPS lets you make the most of what you already have by seamlessly integrating with and taking advantage of your existing infrastructure. By interfacing with the industry’s most popular progressive meters and digital signage solutions, including  Bally CoolSign, BEPS offers total flexibility. You can also easily add BEPS to your current VMware and Microsoft server and storage for complete control. Piggy-backing off your current Bally system’s SAS communications, BEPS capitalizes on Super Slotline to provide Ethernet on serial floors. For those non-Bally SMS operators, BEPS offers a second SAS Port solution – the GMM (Game Monitoring Module).