Las Vegas Sands not interested in minority Japan IR interest

21 May 2019

Las Vegas Sands would not be willing to accept anything less than a majority partnership in a Japan integrated resort, the company confirmed last week.

Speaking at an event in Tokyo, LVS Managing Director of Global Development, George Tanasijevich, said it was unlikely Chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson would accept any such deal as part of a consortia bid in the coming months.

“We would not be comfortable with a minority investment, that’s not the nature of the man (Adelson) or the company,” he stated. “I don’t know where that will sit between 51% and 100% and that’s something we are working on at the moment.”

negotiations with potential local partners were ongoing, revealing the ability to contribute financially was not the top priority.

“What we’re looking for is an ability to contribute to our strategic plan, parties that  understand business practices here, can guide us through that maze and understand how to get things done in this market,” he said.

“Certainly a financial contribution is a bonus too but that’s not what we’re mainly focused on in that regard.”