Quixant moving upwards in Asia

17 May 2018

UK gaming technology company Quixant says it is seeing its Asian-facing business boom with the growing number of manufac turers entering the market looking for the solutions they need to succeed.

“We’ve had a very high response in the Asian market,” said Quixant’s VP of Business Development, Eric Walla.

“There are a lot of new slots manufacturers in Asia and we are providing the tools they need to establish a proper gaming product that satisfies local gaming regulations.”

Among the products Quixant is showcasing at G2E Asia this week is the Q-Max 2 gaming platform, which supports four 4K monitors on up to 10 displays with an optional discreet graphics card, and the QXi 7000, a PC-based gaming platform designed to drive pay to play gaming machines while providing software tools to simplify integration.