The Fusion vibe

18 May 2017

One of the features of the Scientific Games booth at this year’s G2E Asia is the company’s impressive range of Fusion electronic table game solutions.

Making their G2E Asia debut in 2017, the Fusion offerings are fully configurable, functional and flexible products aimed at providing a range of options for operators that can be easily configured to fit their current needs.

“One terminal fits all and you can have up to eight games operating concurrently, all configurable by the operator,” explained Product Director of ETS-Asia at Scientific Games, Jim Preston.

“You can have whatever live games you want – baccarat, roulette, sic bo, live dealers for the terminals … you can even have virtual.

“The other good thing is that it can go from live to auto or to virtual at any time by simple software operation, so at 3am when it’s time for the dealer to go home you can just flick and it’s done. It is 24/7 the game is operating. Operators can set minimums and maximums, what games you want where, zoning for high limits in a particular area and even scheduling so that the minimums go up automatically at peak time.”

Fusion Auto allows operators to concurrently run up to eight separate roulette wheels and switch between games at the touch of a button, while Stadium Blackjack provides a customizable blackjack experience targeted at players who might otherwise balk at the HK$500 minimums common in Macau.

“It’s the first time stadium blackjack has been shown in Asia and there is a lot of interest in this product – particularly from operators in Macau because they are looking at something different from baccarat,” Preston said.

“It’s an incremental opportunity for people who might want to play a table game but don’t have the money to sit down at a traditional table or are intimidated by sitting with other players.”

Fusion also offers the option of a mystery jackpot, also fully configurable, that can be linked to all games or restricted to a single game.”