ShuffleStar offering greater shuffling security

17 May 2017

A fast game is a good game, but in the case of the new ShuffleStar from Scientific Games it’s also a safer game.

Making its Asian debut at G2E Asia 2017, ShuffleStar is a low-profile front-loading shuffler for up to eight decks featuring a revolutionary high-speed flat-dealing shoe and sophisticated card recognition using two cameras.

“It comes with a variety of security features,” explains Vice President & Managing Director, Utility Products, Gaming, Colin Helsen.

“For starters, we’ve added jam protection. If you put a card in upside down or sideways, with existing technology it will tell you it has happened but will make you stop the game to open it up and take the card out.

“What ShuffleStar does is, when it detects a misplaced card, it stops and brings the card back out to you. Rather than fixing errors, it prevents them.

“Also, with card identification security being high on the agenda, ShuffleStar knows if I pull a card out of the deck and will tell me at any time if there are any cards out of the machine. It won’t tell me what cards but it will tell me there are cards missing. And by going to the back of the machine I can also find out exactly what cards are missing.

“It prevents cards being lost in real time. You don’t know where the cards are when they are in the machine as per regulations but it reads the cards when they go in and it reads the cards when they come out, so it provides added security.”

The other benefit of ShuffleStar is ease of use for the dealer.

“The first thing you notice about ShuffleStar is that it’s flush into the table and that provides a lot of extra game protection security and ergonomics,” Helsen explains. “It is also loaded from the top of the machine. This helps in terms of ergonomics for the dealer while avoiding the need for them to turn away and load at the back, therefore exposing the chips. It provides a number of important solutions.”