Italian style at G2E

17 May 2017

Abbiati Casino Equipment, an Italian company which provides  casino currency products and table game equipment worldwide, is betting big on the Asian market.

“Asia is an extremely vibrant market for us and is strategically very important as our business continues to expand and develop, also thanks to the successful collaboration with partners based locally in Asia,” said CEO Giorgio Abbiati. “G2E Asia provides us with a unique platform to introduce our innovative products to the Asian operators, so we look forward to another successful show.”

The company will seize the opportunity to showcase its well know currency products such as chips and plaques, which have been enhanced with innovative security features that promise to make them safer.

They include the patented “Tie” chips as well as a new line of chips called “il Gettone”. All of the company’s currency products are available with numerous security features such as 13.56 MHz PJM RFID, 8-color UV pigments, 3-in-1 UV security, Laser Tracer technology, Optical Variable Ink and high security holograms to name but a few.

The company is also bringing three products with great potential to this year’s G2E Asia – a brand new model of Baccarat table specifically designed for the Asian market, the GLI-25 certified American roulette wheel which incorporates Abbiati’s upgraded invisible laser technology (Class 1A) and of course Modiano playing cards. The company will present to the visitors a complete range of 100% plastic and paper plastic coated playing cards, including new high security features such as tracking mechanisms and cards with barcodes specifically designed to meet the requirements of online gaming operators.