G2E Asia 2017 Conference to provide broad Asian insight

16 May 2017

This year’s G2E Asia Conference will feature a range of topics specifically targeted to address the key issues impacting the industry in and around Asia today. The conference intends to foster learning, present emerging opportunities and highlight the latest global industry trends.
Broad themes to be discussed include:

    • Status and projections for the Asian market
    • Integrated Resort products and technology solutions
    • iGaming
    • Best practices to mitigate the risk of fraud and other security threats in gaming

Asian markets will continue to be at the heart of the G2E Asia conference’s strong regional focus. The many key developments emerging in today’s South-east Asian gaming markets, including a thriving gaming landscape in Macau, Singapore, the Philippines and Japan, will be closely examined. Also discussed, will be the industry’s opportunities in emerging markets like Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, making them prime territories for future innovations.
The Asian Markets Forum will offer a thorough assessment of topical issues affecting gaming in Asia today. PricewaterhouseCoopers will address Japan in greater detail, explaining why it has been earmarked by industry experts as potentially one of the largest gaming markets in the world, with the potential to generate as much as US$40 billion in annual revenue and recent discussion over the possibility of developing an “Osaka Strip” of IRs.
The conference will also look at various product and technology solutions for IRs in the coming years. With an eye towards the future of gaming, the most ambitious businesses know that a broad offering of hospitality and entertainment amenities will drive revenue beyond the casino floor. With a Macau government directive to create diverse Integrated Resorts the conference will highlight developments that answer the call to drive tourism and boost revenue.
On Thursday the G2E Asia 2017 conference will close with two specialty tracks – the iGaming Summit, with Asia Gaming Brief as the official partner, and the first-ever IAGA Best Practices Institute, organized by the International Association of Gaming Advisors.
The iGaming Summit, titled Next Generation Products & Marketing, will take a close look at how to leverage digital opportunities, assess the global rise of eSports and highlight how Asia is leading the way.
The IAGA Best Practices Forum will conclude the conference with sessions including mobile solutions, internationalization and an in-depth assessment of regulatory best practices to prevent fraud and promote gaming integrity.