www.g2easia.com 2018年5月16日星期三 Wednesday, 16 May 2018 制作方 Produced by 赞助方 Sponsored by Innovation driving Melco forward: Lawrence Ho 创新推动新濠博亚娱乐向前发展:何猷龙 M elco Resorts Chair- man and CEO says that innovation and rede- fining the customer expe- rience are at the heart of his company’s aggressive expansion plans as it pre- pares to launch new lux- ury hotel Morpheus and pursue a Japan gaming license. Unveiling a number of 新 濠博亚娱乐主席兼 行政总裁何猷龙表 示,创新和重新定义客户 体验是其公司积极扩张计 划的核心。公司即将推出 其全新豪华酒店摩珀斯, 同时正积极寻求日本博彩 牌照。 有关公司为其旗舰度 假村新濠天地花费逾10 亿美元进行升级改造(其 中摩珀斯酒店将扮演重要 角色),何猷龙透露了若 干细节并表示,新濠博亚 娱乐已“重塑零售业的面 貌”。 他称:“我们将前所 未有地打造自己独特的购 物 环 境, 在 占 地55,000 平方米的空间里,邀请世 界上一些最酷炫的品牌入 驻,并以期间限定形式运 作。” “这将是一种全然不 同的零售概念。” 第 3 页继续 details for the US$1 bil- lion-plus upgrade of the company’s flagship prop- erty City of Dreams – of which Morpheus will play a key role – Ho said that Melco has “reinvented re- tail.” “For the first time ever we will be creating our own shopping environ- ment, inviting some of the coolest brands in the world in a 55,000 square meter space that we will be running ourselves as a pop-up,” he said. CONTINUED P3